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Regenerative Agriculture Internship in CO

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Regenerative Agriculture Internship at Dooley Creek Farm in Colorado - 2021

Dooley Creek Farm is a diverse 100 acre regenerative family farm located in the Crystal River Valley near Carbondale, CO. Our focus is soil-building through managed grazing and composting. We offer direct-to-consumer premium quality beef, chicken, pork, eggs and limited seasonal produce. Our methods are beyond organic. We are committed to caring for the land and its ecosystems and committed to providing healthy food for ourselves and others.

We value hard work and ingenuity. Faith and family. Permaculture principles. Doing the right thing for the right reason. Honesty and transparency. Animal welfare. Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people, healthy relationships, healthy souls, healthy planet.

Our mission is to work as a family to foster ecological and human flourishing by producing nutritious food through regenerative farming practices.

Regenerative Agriculture Internship

We are seeking an individual who is interested in regenerative agriculture to intern with us this season.

Timeline: Flexible but ideally would begin in April or May in order to see the beginning of production. 3-12 months in duration.

Housing: On-site housing possible w/ Wifi, electricity, laundry, water, and shower

Compensation: Stipend plus some meals and meat/veg from the farm.

Schedule: Flexible. Typically would be 40 hrs/week with two days off. There may be 14 hour days if a project requires it and there may be short, easy days. There is a lot of recreation opportunity in this area and we would want you to be able to explore and have some fun on your days off.

Expectations and Learning Opportunities:

You would be expected to participate in marketing/planning sessions, help us out with daily operations and special projects which may include: developing a larger garden, planting fruit trees, replacing fences, chicken processing, designing a new/better manger system, implementing a free-choice mineral program, constructing chicken shelters, designing and building turkey infrastructure, developing silvopasture, selling goods at farmer’s markets, completing a poultry processing facility, haying, etc.

Apart from learning the nuts and bolts of small-scale regenerative beef, pork and poultry production, you will be exposed to all aspects of running a farm from a business perspective. We may set you loose brainstorming a new system or project. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully achieve your own agricultural goals and dreams.


Must be healthy and able to do manual labor on a daily basis in a variety of adverse conditions and weather. Some previous agricultural/farming experience required. Must be be willing to be involved in all stages of production, including humane slaughtering and processing. Must be committed, hard-working, eager to learn, dependable and respectful.

To Apply:

If interested in the regenerative agriculture internship, please send a cover letter and resume to dooleycreekfarm@gmail.com

Regenerative Agriculture Internship in CO

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