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Pastured Poultry Producers Conference Online

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APPPA Professional Pastured Poultry Producers Conference - January 14 - 19, 2021 Online

Join us for a multi-day meeting about all things pastured poultry - from broilers to layers, turkeys to waterfowl, management to marketing, practicalities to possibilities. The APPPA Professional Pastured Poultry producers conference is January 14 - 19, 2021.

We’re having a one day session on the Fundamentals of Pastured Poultry on Friday, January 15, 2021. That day will encompass the basics of brooders, pasture housing and management, feed and feed sourcing, and assessing costs and pricing. It’s geared for the new poultryman or for folks who are aspiring to transition their backyard folk to a market flock.

We’re also doing a full day on breeding heritage poultry on Saturday the 16th. That’s been an exciting new focus for the organization in the past year and the material being presented. Sessions will cover everything from the special nutritional needs of breeding birds and breeding for egg color and sex-linked traits through to selection and record keeping.

The remaining two days (Monday and Tuesday) will be a series of larger topics, conversations and breakout sessions. Focus in these sessions will vary from specific production and housing issues to larger topics about profitability and value. We’re pleased to have Dave Pratt from Ranching for Profit present a workshop, Three Ways to Increase Profit, followed by an hour of interactive question and answer.

Mike Fisher, DVM, retired USDA inspector, will also be in the house and will be available for discussion and to answer specific questions about regulatory issues.

While any one of the things above are worth the registration fee, there’ll also be opportunity to meet with folks before the day starts and also after the formal sessions have ended. The exhibitor hall will be open during the entire conference and there will be dedicated breakout sessions to visit with sponsors - and also hear from them, too.

We’re using the interesting and interactive Whova app to manage the conference and are building in as much interaction for participants as we can. There will be opportunities for attendees to interact, to break out to discussion groups - and also to determine the content of a number of the conference sessions.
Conference Cost:

This is a totally virtual meeting with one registration fee per computer connection.
That US $99 fee will include the recordings and other materials and resources as well as access to the real-time sessions.
Learn more and register for the APPPA Professional Pastured Poultry Producers Conference Here:


Pastured Poultry Producers Conference Online

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