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Packhouse Crew Position in Colorado

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Packhouse Crew Position for 2021 at Aspen Moon Farm In Longmont, Colorado (Near Boulder) - 2021

Packhouse Crew Job Description

Do you have experience working with produce at a grocery store, farm, or co-op? Interested in local, Organic, farm-fresh veggies? Think produce clerk for a health food store, but semi-outdoors. Fresh air and fresh vegetables! This position is an important and valued position on our farm but does not require prior farming experience.

Working independently or on a crew of up to 10 people, your duties will include some or all of the following: washing veggies, bunching, bagging, counting, inventory management, quality control, weighing, sorting, record keeping, washing and sanitizing equipment, cleaning and closing packhouse at end of day, preparing for CSA and markets, and CSA pack line, all while following food safety protocols.

All our crops are harvested fresh and brought to the packhouse for washing, bunching, weighing, bagging, sorting, packing, and recording for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture member shares), Farm Stand, Farmers Market, and wholesale. You make the veggies look awesome and stay awesome (no wilty carrots or bruised heads of lettuce), and make sure we have the correct number of each item for CSA and other needs. You will also play a key role in keeping the packhouse clean and maintained according to FDA food safety requirements. AMF is a market farm with a reputation in our community for selling high-quality, consistent vegetables, a standard which you will help maintain. We grow a few hundred different varieties of diverse open-pollinated vegetables and grains, many of them heirloom/heritage varieties. If you are a fast-paced, detail-oriented person who appreciates and can take pride in diverse Organic vegetables, this is the job for you.

Pay $14/hr plus extra produce to take home. Part-time or full-time schedules available: 4-5 days/week M-F, half day or full day shifts. Position is seasonal, May to November/December.

Work Experience/Skills Desired

Experience with produce (such as at a farm, grocery store, restaurant, cafeteria, or other natural food producer) or similar packhouse or other food experience. Must have positive attitude, attention to detail, good memory, ability to work efficiently and maintain a steady pace, proficiency at basic veggie math, ability to work independently when needed, and flexibility for changing harvest needs. Must be able to lift 50+ lbs regularly and be able to work in hot, cold, and wet weather (though you will usually be protected from the elements). Must be able to commit to the full season of April/May - November.

Must be able and willing to follow all Covid policies. We also prefer candidates not have a second job in another cohort of people to reduce the Covid risk for other AMF employees. Second jobs working from home without contact with non-household members are fine.

A little about the Farm

Jason and Erin (along with our 3 kiddos) started Aspen Moon Farm in 2009 with ½ acre and it has grown little by little. Now AMF is the steward for a total of 99 acres (some owned, some leased). This farm was started from scratch with a ton of hard work, creativity, and a little bit of crazy! Oh yes, and with heavy support from farm loans through the Department of Agriculture and grants from NRCS. We grow 25 acres of cultivated crops- diverse veggies, berries, culinary herbs, flowers, and heritage grains. 2 greenhouses, 2 hoop houses, small herds of cows, sheep, a chicken flock, and a bit of hay production round out the rest of the acreage with room for good buffer zones and insectaries. Part of the farm is at a remote location (connected to a Waldorf school) about 20 minutes away which allows for good crop rotation and an interesting diversity of work and land. Additionally, the children from the school come to participate in the Farm some in the Fall and we are continuing to develop this relationship. Diversity of crops and land is a great asset and takes a large amount of organizing and flexibility. We have some great returning staff that are part of the AMF family. We currently have a 900 member CSA, a seasonal roadside Farmstand, and plan to attend 1 weekly Farmers Markets (we did 3/week pre-Covid). All of our crops are started from seeds we plant. We grow and sell certified organic starter plants in the spring, continuing through the season with a great diversity of veggie crops including berries, and finishing up the fall heavy with storage crops including our own heirloom cornmeal, popcorn, and heritage wheat. We are growing our own seed as much as possible and continue to increase our seed production every year. We love to farm and are passionate about being part of growing the local food community. We are dedicated to the Biodynamic method. We have been small business owners for over 17 years (previously we did landscaping and building). We farm because we love it, but also because we have the need and desire to have a profitable business. This is important and provides sustainability. We are located close to the cities of Longmont and Boulder, though our farm has a nice rural setting in the St. Vrain Valley, minutes away from the Rocky Mountain foothills. We hope to offer a weekly staff lunch (pending covid conditions) made with veggies from the Farm to nourish us all while we give so much.

To Apply for a Packhouse Crew Position

Please send a resume, at least 3 work references (preferably the direct supervisor/owner at your last 3 jobs), and respond to the following questions:

  1. Describe your farm/produce/other food work experience and list your set of skills.
  2. What will you contribute to our farm team and business?
  3. When things get hard, what do you do to take care of yourself?
  4. Tell us something about yourself that you would like to share.
  5. Full legal name, contact information.
To info@aspenmoonfarm.com

Thank you for your interest in Aspen Moon Farm!

Jason Griffith and Erin Dreistadt

Packhouse Crew Position in Colorado

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