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Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship

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Wisconsin Organic Vegetable Farm

Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship in Wisconsin - 2021

Are you interested in learning the skills and knowledge required to be an organic vegetable farm manager or owner? The Wisconsin Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship Program is accepting apprentice applications for the 2021 season.

This competency-based program spans two growing seasons and includes both on-the-job training as well as classroom instruction. Registered with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, this apprenticeship program is the first of its kind in the country!

Under the guidance of their farmer educator, apprentices will work to satisfy 13 core competencies: Manage Fields, Propagate Transplants, Seed and Transplant Crops, Maintain Crops, Control Weeds, Control Pests and Diseases, Harvest Crops, Perform Post-harvest Handling, Operate Farm Equipment and Tools, Maintain Farm Equipment and Tools, Review Farm Production Plan, Assist with Managing Employees, and Perform Marketing and Customer Service. A Job Book, which details the tasks associated with each of these competencies, will guide the apprentice and farmer educator through this process.

Apprentices are paid a minimum hourly wage during on-the-job training and during the 144 hours of classroom instruction. Three required courses – Organic Farm Systems, Production-Related Farm Management, and Farm Business Management and Marketing - are taught through the Wisconsin Technical College System and introduce apprentices to content that is better suited to the classroom setting.

Hourly wages, benefits and accommodations—such as on-farm housing—vary by farm. Apprentices are responsible for the cost of tuition and books, which is estimated at $600. However, there are reimbursement opportunities available through the Department of Workforce Development to help offset these costs.

FairShare CSA Coalition, the program sponsor, works to match potential apprentices with approved farmer educators across the state of Wisconsin. Apprentices receive ongoing support from the program manager, including opportunities to engage in field days and work exchanges at other participating host farms.

Learn more about the Wisconsin Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship

Interested apprentices may visit the program website for more information or complete this General Interest Form to get started. You may also email the program manager directly at sarah@csacoalition.org to share any questions, learn about participating farms, or set up a time to talk. Thank you for your interest!

Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship

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