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Livestock Assistant Job in New York State

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Livestock Assistant Job in New York State at Woven Stars Farm in Ghent - 2021

Woven Stars Farm is a small, women-owned and operated livestock farm in the Hudson Valley. We are 15 minutes from Hudson, 2.5 hours north from NYC and 25 minutes to the Massachusetts border. Our farm consists of 180 acres of leased pasture and woods, including a 7 acre pond at the heart of the farm. Approximately half of the total acreage is currently intensively managed through a multi species grazing operation. We raise a multitude of pastured livestock including sheep, cattle, goats, laying chickens, meat chickens, pigs, and ducks. All of our animals are grazed using management-intensive grazing techniques which support the health of the land and the animals alike. In our multi-species grazing system all of our ruminants are grazed in the same herd/flock. Pigs, chickens and other poultry are grazed separately. We also have 4 livestock guardian dogs which live with either our ruminant herd or laying chicken flock. We have a small apiary which enhances pollination around the farm. Our farm supplies our local and regional community with nutrient dense sources of pasture raised meat and eggs.

Livestock Assistant Job

Woven Stars Farm is seeking a motivated and enthusiastic individual to join our team as an Livestock Assistant. The ideal candidate will have an interest in learning about and working with pastured-raised livestock and have a passion for animal husbandry. They will be working alongside the farmers but will also be expected to take responsibility for various tasks around the farm. A typical day will include:

  • Inspecting of the flocks/herds for health and well being
  • Feeding our four affectionate livestock guardian dogs twice a day.
  • Rotating the flock/herd a new pasture every 1-2 days during the growing season, which includes setting up portable fencing for all animal groups.
  • Moving water troughs, mineral feeders and the dog houses following the rotation to a new section of pasture.
  • Rotating by hand chicken tractors, which are specially designed for ease of moving daily.
  • Transporting feed to our poultry and swine groups.
  • Collecting, washing, packaging and distributing eggs.
  • Assisting in lambing, kidding and calving during the spring.
Other activities over the course of the season will include: loading and transportation of animals to Animal Welfare Approved slaughter facilities; general farm upkeep and maintenance including cleaning livestock trailers, poultry crates, mowing and fence maintenance; assisting in the marketing and distribution of products to our wholesale partners, CSA members and farmers market patrons. We are dedicated to teaching and providing the appropriate knowledge and skills to our team members throughout their time with Woven Stars Farm.


  • Basic weed trimmer skills
  • Must be able to lift 50+ lbs
  • Basic animal husbandry skills
  • A valid drivers' license is necessary for the position because a licensed truck, car and RTV operation is required
  • Ability to follow directions and take constructive criticism
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Punctuality, mornings start at 7 am
  • Ability to work with others as well as independently
  • Be willing to work outside in all types of weather
  • Ability to stand and walk for long hours
  • Attention to detail and good observation skills
Commitment and Compensation:

Starting at $13/hr. Compensation will increase based on experience/ability to independently perform more skilled labor like tractor work, transport of truck and trailer etc.

May - December

40 - 55 hrs/week

December - May

25 - 40 hrs/week

Work days require one weekend partial work day

Schedule flexibility on weekends will be given preference

Room to grow in position for the right candidate

Livestock Assistant Job Application Instructions

Please send an email to wovenstarsfarm@gmail.com with a cover letter, resume and 2-3 references

Livestock Assistant Job in New York State

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