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Kubota M8540 Tractor: Equipment Focus



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Kubota M8540 tractor

Designed for heavy duty work, the Kubota M8540 will help increase productivity with its powerful 84HP engine. It sits well among the 80-100HP tractor bracket and has proven to be a popular choice for its versatility.

With so many tractors in the 80-100HP bracket, what makes the Kubota M8540 stand out? To find out, let’s take a look at the following:

  • Kubota M8540 overview
  • Kubota M8540 in action
  • M8540 key features
  • M8540 specs
  • Kubota M8540 price
  • M8540 pros and cons
Kubota M8540 Overview
Kubota M8540

Pictured: Kubota M8540. Source: Machines4U.
As part of Kubota’s M series tractors, the M8540 is great for a wide variety of applications, including property maintenance, commercial landscaping and farming applications. This model is available as a ROPS or Cab tractor.

The M8540 utility tractor is simple to operate, reliable, lightweight and comes at a great price for operators looking for power and performance. With a 84HP, 4-cylinder turbo charged engine the M8540 has great pulling power, perfect for heavy duty farm operations like moving hay bales and silage, spraying and loading fertiliser.

Equipped with a hydraulic shuttle, creep speed and autohitch, the M8540 is a productive and practical tractor. You can also add a variety of attachments including a front end loader.

Kubota M8540 in Action

Disclaimer: The tractor in this clip may be an overseas model. The Australian model may vary from above.

Kubota M8540 Key Features
Kubota M8540 engine

Pictured: Kubota M8540 engine. Source: Machines4U.
Kubota has increased durability, power and fuel efficiency with the new centre direct injection system engine (E-CDIS). The added power and reduced noise levels in the E-CDIS means you can work more efficiently and economically.

Increased performance is also thanks to the hearty turbo-charged diesel engine that works exceptionally in the low rpm range when performing tasks that require greater traction. Making light work of heavy duty operations is simple with the F18/R18 transmission. This transmission allows users to operate in high, low and creep speed ranges.

Kubota M8540 cab

Pictured: Kubota M8540 tractor cab. Source: Machines4U.
The M8540 has plenty of room for a mid-sized tractor. It features a reclining weight-adjusted seat as standard, which is designed to reduce operator fatigue and absorb shock during operation.

A digital LED panel also makes viewing clear and easy, so you can always see travel speeds, PTO revolution and hour meter information.

Kubota M8540 Specs

EngineV3800DI-T 4-cylinder turbocharged
Engine Net Power84.6HP
PTO Power75HP
Fuel Tank Capacity90 L (ROPS model), 110 L (CAB model)
Tractor Weight2450 kg (ROPS), 2740 kg (CAB)
Lift Capacity at 24 in. behind lift point3200 kg
No. of speedsF18/R18 (w/creep)
Max travelling speed @ max engine RPM35 km/h
For the full specifications click here.

Kubota M8540 Price
Used Kubota M8540 for sale cost between $28,600 and $59,990, averaging at $38,915*. These prices will vary depending on the age, use, condition and attachments being sold with the machine.

Kubota M8540 Pros and Cons
Kubota M8540

Pictured: Kubota M8540 tractor. Source: Machines4U.
All machines have their benefits and things to consider before purchasing. Here are just a few of the pros and cons about the M8540 tractor.

According to anecdotal feedback operators noticed the M8540 has:

  • Lightweight body
  • Excellent power for a 84HP tractor
  • Easy-to-use joystick and lever controls
  • Great turning circle for tight-space sites
  • Reliable mechanical components, especially linkages for attachments
Anecdotal feedback on the M8450 highlighted the following:

  • Loud cab
  • Hard-to-access fuel tank
  • Tight and clunky gear shifting
  • No mudguards on the front of machine
  • No handbrake, only a park lock function
However it is important to note some of these may be isolated issues and may have been resolved.


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Kubota has increased durability, power, and fuel efficiency with the new center direct injection system engine (E-CDIS). The added power and reduced noise levels in the E-CDIS means you can work more efficiently and economically