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Hops Farm Job in California

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Hops Farm in California

Hops Farm Job in California - Ruhstaller Brewery & Hops Farm in Dixon, CA is Hiring for the 2020 Season

Ruhstaller grows hops on about 8 acres and grows 35 acres of walnuts.

Ruhstaller's approach to farming is based on a holistic and long-term vision: they want to grow high quality hops and walnuts in a way that leaves the land better than they found it. Their approach includes using cover crops, growing habitat for pollinators & beneficial insects, minimizing use of herbicides & pesticides, and grazing sheep.

They are seeking a passionate, disciplined individual to help their fun, beer/dog/dirt/sheep loving team tend to the farm.

Hops Farm Job in California - Duties to Include:

  • watering the hops & walnut orchard
  • irrigation checks and repair with every irrigation
  • keeping an eye on sheep
  • weeding
  • mowing
  • seeding
  • planting
  • duties will evolve with the season and include pre-harvest, harvest, post harvest & winter work
  • helping us get more done…so we can all enjoy a beer and the sunset at the end of the day…because we earned it!
They prefer someone who can work full time – 5 days & 40 hours per week (exact days and hours are flexible) …but we are open to hiring a couple of folks who can help out part-time.

Compensation is hourly beginning at $12/hour for all new hires at Ruhstaller. Compensation will be reviewed after 90 days and will be directly correlated with responsibility.

If you’re interested in helping Ruhstaller to grow, please send an email to xo@ruhstallerbeer.com

R U H S T A L L E R [ w e g r o w b e e r ]

Sacramento B S M T

726 k street

su - we 11:30a - 9p

th - sa 11:30a - 10p

Dixon SHOP [ r+d brewery & taproom ]

800 business park drive, suite g

tu/we 3 - 8p

th/fr 3 - 9p

sa/su 12 - 9p

Hops Farm Job in California

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