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Growing Growers Kansas City Farm Apprentice Matching Program - 2021

Growing Growers Kansas City is currently accepting applications for the 2021 season of the farm apprenticeship program. The best way to learn farming is from farmers!

The apprenticeship program gives you an opportunity to receive hands-on experience combined with reading, classes, and training that will help you decide if farming is a good fit for you. This is an inclusive program, open to anyone with a passion for local food production and typically runs from March through the October.

Accepted applicants will be matched with one of Growing Growers host farms in Kansas or Missouri - some of the most successful food producers in our region. Apprentices work on local, sustainably-run farms, where they experience the day-to-day operations of a farm. There are both paid or unpaid apprenticeships through the host farm and a hiring contract will be made based on one another’s needs (see website for specific job opportunities).

As an apprentice you can:

  • Earn money and learn throughout a full season of hands-on work in every aspect of a local sustainable farming operation (field work, harvesting, marketing, selling and more!)
  • Obtain 8-10 hours of focused one-on one training with the host farmer
  • Receive mentorship from University, Extension and Business specialists in the field of agriculture
  • Get free admission to virtual workshops and farm tours on a variety of key farming topics taught by local farmers, extensions agents, and other experts
  • Collect books and course materials to start your sustainable farming library
Visit www.growinggrowers.org for application and program details.

The apprenticeship program fee is $500. This fee includes all workshops, tours, course materials and on-farm training. The tuition is non-refundable. A limited number of partial scholarships are available. Feel free to contact us at growers@ksu.edu with your questions and comments. We look forward to making this season of Growing Growers our best ever!

Growing Growers Kansas City Apprenticeship

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