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Farming Workshops in Hawaii at Big Island Farms

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Farming Workshops in Hawaii

Farming Workshops in Hawaii at Big Island Farms - 2021 and 2022

Big Island Farms, and education center focused on spreading knowledge to youth about permaculture and organic gardening we have a new internship program that we are running and we’d love to post on your website if possible. Below is information requested about our program offerings.
Farming Workshops in Hawaii at Big Island Farms

Learn in Paradise: A workshop mini-series
Overview of the program

  • Here at Big Island Farms, we’re offering an exciting and immersive workshop intensive program focused on the fields of permaculture and tropical agriculture. This program is a unique opportunity to develop our awareness of human impacts as a part of the global ecosystem and learn how to become stewards of the land and benefactors to earth through direct practice. We will use the basics of regenerative design to deepen our understanding of the processes needed to restore bio-diverse and resilient ecosystems that harmoniously integrate humanity’s needs with the natural world. Our ten-day workshop intensive program will give students hands-on experience in the fields of permaculture and tropical agriculture. Classes will be facilitated by local experts, as well as our on-site staff. We aim to provide a well-rounded curriculum that will provide the foundational knowledge to enter into the wonderful world of organic and sustainable agriculture.
  • Big Island Farms is located on the tropical Hamakua coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, five miles from the breathtaking Waipio Valley and historic Honokaa Town. The quaint but thriving local community is interconnected with 10 of the world’s 14 available microclimates ranging from vibrant jungle to arid desert tundra. This ancient and sacred island lends Big Island Farms a culturally and biologically rich and diverse environment. Boasting the tallest mountain “Mauna Kea”, the world's most active volcano, “Kilauea” and the largest mountain “Mauna Loa” (in cubic feet), the Big Island of Hawaii is a treasure of geological extremes like nowhere else on Earth.
  • Through our interdisciplinary education model, which incorporates classes, tangible hands-on experience, Hawaiian sacred culture immersion, adventure trips to waterfalls, black & white sand beaches and special workshops with respected Kahuna and Kumu's. Students will actively pursue their passions, learn to broaden their worldviews, and work
Organic Agriculture and Tropical Horticulture
  1. Principles of permaculture design
  2. Organic agriculture
  3. Tropical agroforestry
  4. Ecological economics
  5. Edible ecosystems
  6. Apiculture
  7. Plant identification & medicinal uses

  1. Plant physiology
  2. Soil composition
  3. Composting
  4. Tropical ecology
  5. Ethnobotany
  6. Soil & Water conservation
Farm to Table

  1. Plant propagation
  2. Vegetarian creativity
  3. Fermentation
  4. Food sustainability
Community Partner-led workshops

  1. Beekeeping
  2. Hawaiian Cultures & Values, Lei Making workshop
  3. Introduction to Mushroom Growing
  4. Lau Lapau (Hawaiian medicinal plant workshop) by Uncle Ikaika
  5. Hawaiian prayers and ceremony at Kalahuipua’a ahu
  6. Hamakua farmers market community garden service
  7. Pohala I Ka Lani (advance indigenous Hawaiian culture) community service
Farming Workshops in Hawaii Sample Itinerary
Learn in Paradise
10-day Mini-Workshop series schedule

Day 1
Airport pick up, arrival at your home in Paradise – Farm orientation – dinner.

Day 2
8:00 am – Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Group introduction
9:30 am - Introduction to Hawaiian culture, chant, legends, and lei workshop by Traven Apiki
12:00 pm – Awesome lunch
1:00 pm – Introduction to marine biology and how to do your own coral reef sunscreen lotion
2 pm – departure to Pu’ukohola Heiau sacred site, prayers then– sunset at a white sand beach.
6:30 pm – Farm to Table dinner
7:30 pm – Movie night on our screen projector

Day 3
8:00 am – Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Medicinal plant workshop with uncle Ikaika and Annick Dauphinais (including La’au Lapa’au / Hawaiian healing plants) learn about important medicinal plants their medicinal usages, go in the field to identify them, and also learn how to make your own tincture and healing salve)
12:00 pm – Awesome lunch
1:00 pm – resume medicinal plant workshop
3 pm – Beekeeping workshop with expert beekeeper Jerry Shumate
6:00 pm – Farm to Table dinner
7:30 pm – Fire circle with chants

Day 4
8:00 am – Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Departure to Waipio Valley (Valley of the Kings), cultural emersion, and expedition. Discover a unique sacred place on planet Earth, black sand beach, waterfalls, jungle path surrounded by lush tropical horticulture (full day adventure)
(lunch to go)
6 pm – Farm to Table Dinner
Well deserved rest.

Day 5
8:00 am – Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Intro to permaculture design workshop - this workshop is focused on building your knowledge of permaculture and regenerative agriculture design. We will explore the principles used to restore resilient and diverse ecosystems.
12:00 pm – Awesome lunch
1:00 pm – Composting workshop
2:30 pm - Farm to Table workshop (from harvesting, propagation, and processing into an amazing meal)
6:00 pm – Farm to Table Dinner
7:00 pm – Game night

Day 6
8:00 am – Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Wool Shearing with animal expert Samantha Robinson from Hawaii Green Earth Farm.
12:00 pm – Awesome Lunch
1:00 pm – Mushroom growing workshop with Adam Aharon
6 pm – Pizza night Dinner
7:30 pm – Movie on the large screen

Day 7
8:00 am – Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Volunteering with a local Hawaiian Organization focused on sustainable agriculture: Ulu Mau Puani (community service)
12:30 pm – Awesome lunch
1:30 pm – Learn how to make natural plant dyes (plant foraging) and process wool for felting.

Day 8
8:00 am – Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Coconut workshop and tropical fruit experience with Christopher Carter
11:00 am – Visit of our local farmer market
12:00 pm – Awesome Lunch
1:00 pm – Afternoon learning mulching and propagation techniques while working in our tropical food forest.
6 pm – Dinner

Day 9
8:00 am - Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Review our entire program with questions and answers related to sustainable agriculture, farm to table, and Hawaiian culture.
10:00 am – Goodbye ceremony with Lei’s offering and sharing
12:00 pm – Awesome Lunch
1:00 pm – Afternoon excursion gift, we will visit waterfalls & lava tube caves.
6:30 pm – Last O’hana Dinner

Day 10
8:00 am - Healthy breakfast
9:00 am – Farm clean up
Airport drop off

** This is a sample itinerary and the order of activities may change, dependent on farmers market days, the availability of our partners, and weather**
Program Dates

– 2nd till 11th December, 2021

– 22nd till 31st of January, 2022

– 3rd till 12th of February, 2022 (ages 15-17)

– 11th till 20th of April, 2022 (ages 15-17)

– 21st till 30th of April, 2022

– 7th till 16th of July, 2022

– 21st till 30th of July, 2022

– 4th till 13th of August, 2022
Farming Workshops in Hawaii Cost: $1950
This includes accommodations, workshop fees, Class hall & Chill spaces, 4 X Hot showers , Washing machine, High-speed Internet, and all meals during the program. For more information please go to our website:www.bigislandfarms.com

Farming Workshops in Hawaii at Big Island Farms

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