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Farm Internship in Pennsylvania at Rising Locust

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farm internship in Pennsylvania

Rising Locust Farm Internship in Pennsylvania - April 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020 (with some flexibility if needed)


We are interested in partnering with self-motivated individuals to share in the work that we do and to provide foundational knowledge and hands-on experience in regenerative agriculture, permaculture design, homesteading and community living.

About the Farm:

As both a farm and a small community, Rising Locust Farm follows the three main ethics of permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.

Earth Care - We are striving to build deeper connections with the land that provides our sustenance through stewardship, utilizing regenerative farming practices, as well as through our personal and communal lives by following the beliefs of “Deep Ecology”.

People Care - We want to take care of the people working here, those who come here, and our greater community. We work to create a place for others to have an opportunity to be involved in the work and culture of agriculture.

Fair Share - We want to actively address the unfair and unjust ways food, money, power and other forms of wealth are distributed in our communities. We hope to connect our small work here to the work being done everywhere to create a more just, equitable, and ecologically beautiful world for everyone.

(More detailed information is available on our website, by phone or by email - contact info below.)

The Rising Locust Farm Internship in Pennsylvania includes the following experiences:

  • Livestock practices - rotational grazing of cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens on our silvopasture, as well as basic animal husbandry with ducks and other animals on the homestead.
  • Gardening on a homestead level - producing the bulk of our own food.
  • Outdoor mushroom cultivation - log grown shiitakes, and other species, in a woodlot yard for market and personal use.
  • Small scale holistic orchard care - newly established fruit trees, nut trees, and berries planted alongside other beneficial and medicinal herbs and woody perennials.
  • Marketing practices at the small farm level - social media, newsletters, web design, managing a CSA, and possible opportunities to sell food at a market stand.
  • Permaculture practices and design on a small farm.
  • Homesteading practices - food preservation, fermentation, making plant medicines.
  • Agroforestry- forest farming, foraging wild edibles, and sustainable forestry practices.
  • Wilderness and stream bank restoration.
  • Community structure - working and potential living in community, sharing space, sharing meals, collaborative working environment and consensus decision making process.
  • Working with us to share our farm experience and culture with neighbors and friends through workshops, skill shares, and open farm days.
An intern will be expected to work 24 hours per week, following a weekly schedule agreed upon by the farm and the intern. Applicant should be physically able and willing to perform various types of manual labor in all types of weather. Applicant should be self-motivated and able to work well alone and with others. Room and board are potentially available if you are coming from afar and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Application Deadline - Accepted on a rolling basis until March 1st or until positions are filled.


When: April 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020 (negotiable)

Where: Rising Locust Farm

1339 Creek Road

Manheim, PA 17545

Contact Information:

Phone - 717-967-4012

Website - risinglocustfarm.com

Email - risinglocustfarm@gmail.com

Farm Internship in Pennsylvania at Rising Locust

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