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CLAAS Announces Tighter Integration With 365FarmNet, ISOBUS Machine Control Via EASY iPad App

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CLAAS farm equipment now offers tighter integration with 365FarmNet, a web-based farm-management software service. Among other abilities, the enhanced integration lets farmers view where their machine has operated, add additional data, and quickly complete documentation. (Photo courtesy of CLAAS.)​

CLAAS recently announced its machines now feature enhanced integration with the web-based 365FarmNet farm-management service, thanks to increasingly automatic interpretation of telemetric data. 365FarmNet, described as being “open to all manufacturers, suppliers, and market players,” includes crop management, machine communication, cattle, farm, feed, and active components.

CLAAS also announced that operators can now control their machines via ISOBUS using an iPad with the CLAAS EASY (Efficient Agriculture Systems) onboard app installed. Further, the app now includes the ISOBUS TC BAS (Task Controller Basic) documentation function that’s compatible with any AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation)-certified field map.

An Important Step
CLAAS says automatic interpretation of telemetric data “marks an important step toward automatic documentation” for the company. Noting that automatic documentation is based on telematics, CLAAS says a data logger on a CLAAS machine gathers relevant CAN Bus and sensor data, as well as the machine’s position, and a communication module transmits it to a CLAAS server. Simultaneously, 365FarmNet sends the server data concerning field boundaries, thus enabling the server to assign field-specific information to the machine and transmit the information to 365FarmNet.

Ultimately, CLAAS says farmers can view where their machine has operated, add additional data, and complete documentation quickly. In addition to field boundaries being centrally mapped in 365FarmNet, CLAAS says changes are automatically adopted, even if data is assigned at a later date. CLAAS says data-loss and user-error risks are “minimal.”

Operators can now control CLAAS farm machines via ISOBUS using the CLAAS EASY onboard app installed on an iPad. The app also includes the ISOBUS Task Controller Basic documentation function and is AEF-certified, meaning it’s compatible with any AEF-certified farm-management software. (Photo courtesy of CLAAS.)

Take Control
CLAAS says the EASY app and its new TC BAS documentation functionality is capable of exchanging job data via email in the ISO-XML file format. This means operators can now import a scheduled job file into the app or export a completed order to their farm-management system for additional processing. Because the TC BAS function in the EASY app is AEF-certified, the function is “compatible with any AEF-certified farm-management software.” Operators can check compatibility via the AEF ISOBUS database.

When linked to 365FarmNet, EASY becomes even handier as data exchanges, for example, can occur via the Internet, eliminating the need for email attachments. “This makes it possible to create jobs in 365FarmNet, then access and process them in the app,” says CLAAS. The opposite is also possible: operators can create, process, and save new jobs in the app and view them in 365FarmNet.

In addition, the app now enables operators to use an iPad as an ISOBUS terminal via the CWI (CLAAS Wireless Interface). Operators can also configure ISOBUS function buttons or on the joystick using the ISOBUS AUX-O (auxiliary function), CLAAS says.

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