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A demountable concave set for John Deere combines



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Universal demountable concave set for John Deere combine. OEM# PW80000R

  • Our own designed construction significantly increases the lifetime
  • Shockproof construction
  • Easy and fast replacement & repairment
Fits John Deere combine(s) 9650STS; 9660STS; 9750STS; 9860STS; 9870STS; 9880STS; S660; S670; S680; S690

With this Kit you get 3 different interchangeable concave sets: for larger grains, for small grains and universal set. You get 54 replacement concave inserts in total.

Each concave has 6 segments: one first segment, one last segment and four central segments.

More details at https://agroparts.us/john-deere/1394-demountable-concave-kit